Should You Train Fasted? Intermittent Fasting?

By Joanna 28/02/2018 In
Fitness Tips

Should I train fasted or have a small snack? What's the hype about intermittent fasting? Watch this video as I speak to Liam about Nutrition for Optimal Wellness & Performance.

Here are the questions in the interview:

1) What do you think of all the different types of diet out there? (0:37)

2) How do one workout if they feel extremely hungry? (2:14)

3) If someone who is not used to exercising on an empty stomach, they may feel hungry no matter what. Correct? (2:30)

4) Is it because they have been accustomed to eating first thing in the morning before they start their workout? (2:44)

5) What do you think of intermittent fasting? (3:24)

6) If you can’t workout in the morning on an empty stomach, how does that work then with your diet the whole day before you get to do your workout in the evening? (4:01)

7) So your advice would be train in the morning, that will be better, train before you eat, so train fasted, correct? (4:28)

8) What do you think of people who tend to eat bigger meal to earlier in the day and then smaller meals in the evening? (4.52)

9) Do you agree that we should eat more often? Or more frequently with small meals? (5:52)

10) Let’s talk about the types of food as well. What kind of food is good? (7:13)

11) Talking about getting enough oxygen into your body, obviously breathing exercises, I would assume, they are very important, correct? (8:31)

12) What other ways can we do to help release toxins from our body? (9:09)

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