Nowadays, everywhere we look, we’re always bombarded with images of that perfect figure with 6-pack abs, a tight butt and a lean looking body. THAT’s the image society is making us believe that we SHOULD have.


But have you ever wondered what it really costs to achieve that cover model look?


What you have to do more of?
What you have to give up?


Let’s talk about the truth behind that perfect image.

TRUTH Behind the 6-Pack Abs



Men: more than 20% body fat
Women: more than 30% body fat



Men 15% – 20% body fat
Women 25% – 30% body fat


3) FIT

Men 10 – 15% body fat
Women 20% – 25% body fat



Men 6 – 9% body fat
Women 16 – 19% body fat



Men: under 9% body fat
Women: under 16% body fat


What’s your priority?

What are you willing to do?

What are you NOT willing to give up?

How frequent and consistent can you stick to your workout and food routine?

Is it worth your sacrifice and will you be happy?

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