Tips to Gain Weight for Skinny Women

By Joanna 20/09/2013 In
Fitness Tips

To gain weight per month = 1kg
Consume more than what your body needs.

must have a diet high in sweets (natural sweets, not candy/cake, ect), sour, and salty concentrating on foods that are warm and high in HEALTHY oils.

1) Diet with high healthy fats

Ectomorph women especially need to eat foods high in mono saturated fats, cooking with good oils that are good for your heart & cardiovascular structures, like extra virgin olive oil, peanut oil, almond oil, and canola oil. You, can successfully add in more calories to your meals if you creatively incorporate these healthy oils into your breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners.

2) Add Omega 3

Ectomorph women need to pay particular attention to their omega 3 fatty acid intake, an essential fat that is responsible for many health benefits including a healthy heart, brain and mood development, and a healthy body. Omega 3 fatty acids, which can be found in fish, beans, and leafy green foods, have had positive reviews and can be especially helpful to women who need to reset their body chemistry, helping them to gain weight quicker.

3) Drink Milk – full fat

Drinking milk, preferably 2% or vitamin D milk 2-4 times a day will definitely help you gain weight faster and easier. The casein in milk has been said to identify when a person is underweight and go in and fix the problem. This is why people who are trying to lose weight have to decrease their milk intake OR drink skim.

4) Add on Supplements

Protein shakes (best ones are whey isolate), Ensure, and Booste are excellent sources to help add healthy calories to your diet. But remember, they are supplements and should not act as meal replacements.

5) Eat more meals – more carbs

Women who need to gain weight must eat more meals, aiming for 4-6 meals a day that consist of fresh fruits, warm nourishing foods that are whole wheat (so lots of breads, but ONLY whole grain), and cooked vegetables. Good carbohydrate like potatoes and whole grain pasta's should be eaten at least 4 times a week to see a weight gain progress. Fruit smoothies, which can be easily made at home, should be consumed every day with healthy fresh fruits like banana's, strawberries, and your other favorite fruits along with yogurt. Add in wheat germ for fiber, a tablespoon of flaxseed/fish oil, and 1/3 cup of all egg whites to get a huge nutritional boost.

6) Exercise

There are hundreds of exercises that will help you gain mass and curves, and fitness books and magazines like Self, Her's, and Fitness Magazine offer great weight lifting exercises that you can do without having a membership at the gym or hire a personal trainer. Just commit to working out 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes and you will see results. Get into working out and make it fun by doing fitness activities that you enjoy. Minimal cardio is required to build up an healthy appetite. After workouts, make sure that you eat a good meal that is rich in protein and good carbs. Rest in between days of working out to give your muscles sufficient time to rest and grow!

Putting on weight is much harder than losing weight. But if you have a good meal plan and workout plan, it is not impossible. So start now, feed your body with lots of good foods, good carbs, good protein, good fats and have a good quality strength training at least 3 to 4 times a week.


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