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You probably would want to know your body type and how you should exercise and eat correctly in order to achieve the best results for your body.

We are all created different but just as beautiful. Typical, we are categorized into 3 body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. Your genetics predispose you toward one of the three body types. You can’t change that, however, with dedication to your training and also eating right, you can get closer to another body type.

Very few of us fall perfectly into one of the three categories. As you watch this video, you might find that you are a mix of 2 body types. But let’s just work and understand the 3 body types, how you can train and eat according to your body type.

1) Ectomorph

- naturally thin
- smaller bone structure & thinner limbs.
- short upper body, long legs and arms, narrow feet and hands.
- no real difference between the size of their hips, waists, and shoulders
- Very little fat storage
- Small amount of muscle mass
- Very high metabolism
- Makes it very hard to gain weight
- Example: typical endurance athlete or skinny model looking friends

Celebrities: Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, Kiera Knightley, Kate Middleton, Justin Bieber, Jared Leto

Goal: Weight Gain
Food Intake: Higher Carb Intake, moderate protein and low fat intake.
Carbohydrate 50% - 55%, Protein 25% - 30%, Fat 20%
1000Cals Carbs – 600Cals Protein – 400Cals Healthy Fat

Higher total calorie intake. You should be consuming 750-1000calories more than what you need to maintain your current body.

2 to 2.5 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight
1.5 g of proteins per pound of bodyweight.

Since the metabolism rate is very high, you need to keep “fueling your engine”, so to speak, so try to eat every 2-4 hours.

Tip: It can be tough, so aim to consume calorie-dense food and drink your calories.

Ectomorph Men
• 3 cups of carb dense food.
• 2 palms of protein dense food.
• 2 fists of vegetables.
• 1 thumb of fat dense food.

Ectomorph Women (Half the Portion)
• 2 cup of carb dense food.
• 1 palm of protein dense food.
• 1 fist of vegetables.
• ½ thumb of fat dense food.

- Strength Training, 4 – 5 times weekly.
- Focus on Moderate to Heavy Weights, aim between 6 – 10reps, with longer rest, between 1 – 2 mins per set.
- Perform Compound Movements: Compound movements are basically exercises that work several muscles or muscle groups at once.
- Because compound movements recruit a large number of muscle fibers, it’s the most effective way to build most muscle mass and quickest to increase overall strength.
- Example: Squats, lunges, bench press, push-ups, dead lift, bent over row, chin up and more.
- Reduce on Cardio, short cardio session, 15 – 20 mins, 2 – 3 times weekly. You can treat it as a warm up in order to avoid burning too much calories, but it’s still important to increase stamina and improve heart health.

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2) Mesomorph

- Medium-sized bone structure and athletic body.
- If they are active, they typical have a very nicely proportionate body with good amount of lean muscles. They are known to have the ‘good gen’.
- Has a high metabolism but not as high as an Ectomorph.
- If he / she maintains an active lifestyle and eat a well balanced diet, it’s usually pretty easy for him / her to maintain a healthy weight.
- They usually can put on weight but if they get back into their active routine, the weight comes off pretty easily as well.
- It is also easier for them to gain muscles, if they work towards it.

Celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Rihanna, Emma Stone, The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Wahlberg

Goal: Usually their goal is to Lean up, basically to maintain their body weight, but to lose fat and add muscles.
Food Intake: A balance of carbs, protein and healthy fat.
It should roughly be Carbohydrate 40% - Protein 40% - Fat 20%

Total calorie intake: Eat enough to maintain your current body weight, consume slightly less if your goal is to lose a little bit of weight.

Mesomorph Men
• 2 cup of carb dense food.
• 2 palms of protein dense food.
• 2 fists of vegetables.
• 2 thumb of fat dense food.

Mesomorph Women
• 1 cup of carb dense food.
• 1 palm of protein dense food.
• 1 fist of vegetables.
• 1 thumb of fat dense food.

Training: Whether you are looking to build muscle or lose fat, you should incorporate and focus on both cardio and strength training equally.

- For strength training, mix in both Compound and Isolation Movements.
- Isolation movements are exercises that target only one muscle group at a time.
- Isolation is important if you are looking to shape and define the muscles in a more aesthetic manner, isolation exercises will help you develop a muscle once you’ve already built a certain level of muscle mass
- Hence it’s important to mix both compound and isolation movements.
- Example of Isolation movements: Bicep curls, leg extensions, leg curls, tricep extensions, calf raises and more.
- Go for moderate to heavy weights, 8 – 12reps per set, rest between 30 – 90 secs depending on your workout structure.
- Aim to perform strength training 3 – 4 times weekly and 3 – 4 times weekly of Cardio as well, aim for a 45 – 60 mins quality workout session.

3) Endomorph

- Larger bone structure with higher amount of total body mass and fat cells.
- Soft body appearance, also naturally curvy.
- Slower metabolism and gain fat pretty easily.
- They have to pay more attention to their food intake in order to get fit.
- If they maintain an active lifestyle, they can build a lot of muscles but they will have to watch over what they eat in order to maintain a lean body.

Celebrities: Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carrey, Jonah Hill, Jack Black.

Typical Goal: Lose weight
Food Intake: Lower carb tolerance, which means they should limit their carb intake whether the goal is to lose fat or build muscle.
- Just think of Low carbs, high protein, moderate fat.
- Carbs 25 – 30%, Protein 45%, Healthy Fat 25 – 30%
- Aim to consume carbs after exercising.

Reducing on carbs and eating healthy fat such as fish high in omega 3 fatty acid, olive oil, nuts actually helps with weight loss. That’s because fat slows down digestion, hence keeping you full and reduce craving.

Fat burns fat. By telling your body that it is getting a consistent source of external fat from your diet, it will be more willing to let go of the fat it is currently holding.

So if your goal is to lose weight, don’t go on a low fat diet. Reduce on your carb instead. But of course fat is high in calories, so remember to consume in moderation.

Total calorie intake: If your goal is to lose weight, you have to eat less total calories than what you are currently eating right now but still enough calories to maintain an active lifestyle.
Aim to eat smaller portions but more regularly in order to keep your metabolism constantly on the higher end.

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Endomorph Men
• 1 cup of carb dense food.
• 2 palms of protein dense food.
• 2 fists of vegetable.
• 2-3 thumbs of fat dense food.

Endomorph Women
• ½ cup of carb dense food.
• 1 palm of protein dense food.
• 1 fist of vegetables.
• 1-2 thumbs of fat dense foods at each meal.

- Incorporate Compound Movements with short rest between sets. Besides the benefit of building lean muscles and strength, compound movements with short rest helps to burn more calories.
- Aim for moderate weights, 8 – 15 reps per set, shorter rest, so between 30 – 60secs.
- Also Incorporate Superset training, performing 2 different exercises back to back without rest. For instance performing bench press and bent over row back to back without rest. This helps to burn more calories and shed fat quicker.
- Interval and circuit trainings are very effective for you as well, which is basically what most of my workout videos are structured upon.
- If your goal is to lose weight, then cardio training will be the core of your routine mixed in with weight trainings.
- Aim for at least 2 – 3 times of weight training and 4 – 5 times of cardio session per week. Keep it to 45 – 60 mins per session.
- Cardio will help to burn the extra calories, strength training will help to build muscle mass, strength and increase your metabolism, but the to your weight loss still comes down to your food intake.

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Remember that no matter what body type you have, hard work and consistency means everything. With the right workout and meal plan, we can all achieve our fitness goals. So don’t blame it on the gens.

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