Battling Postpartum Depression & Suicide

By Joanna 22/01/2018 In
Fitness Tips

Some of you might have gone through depression or know someone who's going through it. It's never an easy issue to open up or talk about and it can be a secret you might have been hiding.

Kim Boey is a well-known and respected fitness educator who has taught for many years, but no one knew she's been battling depression for the past 7 years. Watch this video as she shares her story for the first time and how it made her a stronger mum and person.

Here are the questions in the interview:

1) Can you let us know about what is Postpartum Depression? (0:26)

2) What are some of the symptoms of Postpartum Depression? (0:48)

3) Just for the audience to know, this is something that Kim has never spoken openly about, so you’re here today because you feel that this is an important topic to reach out to the other women out there who might be going through it but they are not aware of it, correct? (2:14)

4) Were you ashamed or are you still ashamed about having Postpartum Depression? (3:01)

5) Do you think Postpartum Depression happened to you because you are an older mum? And also do you feel that there was a lack of support? (3:44)

6) How long did you go through that before you decided to seek for help? (4:29)

7) Who save you from your suicide attempts? (5:58)

8) Did your husband understand what was going on at that time? (6:06)

9) Did you still continue teaching when you are having Postpartum Depression? (8:29)

10) Did you feel more in control the second time you experienced postpartum depression? (10:08)

11) At that time, did you look after two of your kids? (10:52)

12) You are a fitness educator, and you are always surrounded by people and you are someone that stay active all the time. Do you think that fitness help you in recovering from postpartum depression at all? (11:44)

13) What was the mini breakthrough each time and how to you cope with that? (12:48)

14) Are you still dealing with it now? (13:16)

15) So, if a mother is watching this right now and she feels that she is going through postpartum depression or just depression in general, what would your first advice be? (15:46)

16) The support system is important, correct? Whether is from family or friends. (16:35)

17) What do you think could have happen to you if it has been left untreated? (17:17)

18) Do you think you could have done something to change the situation at that time? (18:13

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