10 Secrets of the 'Naturally' Slim People... Shhhh....

By Joanna 30/04/2013 In
Fitness Tips

What I want to share with you today I the Top 10 Secret of the SLIM. These secret will help you stay slim naturally without even you having to try hard. I am sure you know someone who is just naturally slim and you wonder what are the secret and what do they actually do.

Well, let’s find out.

1) They Drink a lot of Water

But chances are the pangs you're feeling are thirst and not hunger. If you find the taste of plain water too bland, then add a small amount of low-sugar cordial or have a refreshing cup of hot water and lemon. Substitute water, for high-calorie fizzy drinks too. Not only will it make you feel cleansed and rehydrated, it's better for your teeth and skin.

2) They Actually Have breakfast

Nearly80 percent of successful dieters eat breakfast every day. If you skipbreakfast, you will be more likely to make up for the calories later onwith a poor eating decision that's fueled by hunger.

3) Get Active

Even if you go to the gym for an hour three times a week, that's still only three per cent of your waking hours spent on being very active. One of the best-kept secrets of slim people is to be on the move a lot during the other 97 per cent of the time. If you're not a natural fidget, you can consciously plan small bursts of activity , and even small actions add up - such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, standing rather than sitting while on the phone, and walking to a colleague's desk instead of emailing.

4) They eat slowly and enjoy their food

Eat and drink slowly and give yourself a chance to feel satisfied without feeling overfull. It also helps you actually taste the food you are eating and enjoy it.

5) They have a Healthy Body Image

The naturally slim don’t seem overly focused on their weight and appearance. They have a realistic, relaxed relationship with their body. Try it out for yourself. Change your focus away from what you hate about your body and move it to what you like. I have learned to focus less on my thighs and more on my collarbones! (Find a mind-body exercise like yoga, to help cultivate healthy body awareness.)

6) They weigh themselves once a week

It’s important to give yourself a weight range that you want to maintain. For me it’s between 49kgs – 52kgs and nothing more. And I would weigh myself once a week, same time to check that I’m still within the range. If ever I go beyond that, it’s my signal to quickly do something about it to get back to my personal weight range.

7) They listen to their cravings

Listen to your body's cravings. If you're craving something sweet, eat something sweet-just opt for a healthier alternative, or a very small serve of what it is you want. Most importantly don't deprive yourself as this may lead to bingeing later on.
8) They don’t diet, they just eat clean

Tell yourself and everyone else that you are eating healthy, not dieting. You'd be amazed at what the word dieting actually does to your mind! Create good habits and stick to them.

9) They take care of themselves

Another characteristic of the naturally slim is the ability to tune into their needs. They will rest when their body tells them it’s time and are much more apt to get enough sleep. They also possess the ability to indulge in guiltless self-care, demonstrating the ability to love themselves even though they aren’t perfect.

10) They don’t use food as an emotional prop

Naturally slim people will try to solve a problem by talking it through, rather than turning to food. And they'll get their comfort from other things such as friendship, me-time or non-food treats like a book or listening to music. To break the comfort-eating habit, keep a food and thoughts diary to identify the exact events or emotions that are most likely to prompt you to overeat. To re-program yourself not to eat as an emotional response, write a list of distracting activities you can do instead and stick it on the fridge as a reminder.

Those are the top 10 secrets of the slim. They are not difficult to follow, they are just small changes in your life and trust me, without even trying hard, you will be naturally slim.

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