28-Day Ramadan Workout Plan

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When it comes to your fitness and exercising, Ramadan is a month where you can potentially lose a lot of muscle tone and hinder your fitness goal. Here are 7 easy workouts which you can do on a daily basis during Ramadan to keep you fit and active. Do share your progress and picture with me, tag me @JoannaSohOfficial and #FitterFasting.

If you do not know where to start with, you can click on the video link below and watch my previous video on "How to Workout during Ramadan" to learn about:

  • the best time to workout
  • workout duration & intensity
  • types of workout to do


Here are the list of exercises and videos to follow for one week. Repeat these workouts for the next 4 weeks to maintain your muscles and lose weight.



MONDAY (Overweight Beginner Low Impact Workout)

1) Tip Toe Squat
2) Low Impact Burpees
3) Sumo Squat & Heel Touch
4) Kneel to Squat
5) Standing Crunches + Kick
6) Knee Pushup and Tap
7) Reverse Crunches
8) Plank
Sequence: 8 Minutes, 8 Intervals (40secs Workout - 20secs Rest)
Repeat 2 sets
Rest for 1 minute between sets
Total Time: 20 minutes
Estimated Calories Burned: 200 - 250Cals



TUESDAY (Fat Burning Morning Workout)

1) Kneel to Squat Pulses
2) Alternate Lunge Touch Down
3) Plank Hop to Push-up
4) Plank Jacks
5) Dolphin Plank
6) Groiners
7) Half V to Knee Tucks
Sequence: 14 Intervals (45secs Workout - 15secs Rest)
Total Time: 15 minutes (2 sets)
Rest for 1 minute in between sets.



WEDNESDAY (30-Minute Beginner HIIT Yoga for Strong Abs)

1) Mindful Warmup
2) Sun Salutations (5 reps)
3) HIIT Mountain Climber (10 reps)
4) HIIT Alternate Boat Legs (10 reps)
5) HIIT Downward Dog Leg Swings (10 reps)
6) HIIT Alternate Leg Raises (10 reps)
7) Deep Stretches
Total Workout Time: 32 minutes (2 sets)
Estimated Calories Burned: 230 - 270Cals




THURSDAY (100 Ab Challenge in Bed + 8-Minute Fat Burning Bed Workout)

Exercises (100 Ab Challenge in Bed)
1) Roll Up & Twist
2) Full Crunches
3) Half V-Tucks
4) Cross Tucks
5) Reverse Crunches
6) Windshield Wipers
7) Scissors
8) 4-time Abs
9) Flutter Kicks
10) Plank Rock
Duration: Under 10 minutes
Estimated Calorie Burned: 50 - 60Cals

Exercises (8-Minute Fat Burning Bed Workout)
1) Squat Stomp
2) Wide to Narrow Push-up
3) Elevated Lunge
4) Bicycle Crunches
5) Roll-up to Hop

Duration: 8 minutes.
Estimated Calories Burned: 55 - 65Cals.
Structure: 5 exercises. 45 secs each. Do the exercises back to back without break. Repeat 2 circuits. 


FRIDAY (8-Minute Lazy Couch Workout)

1) Half Squats
2) Elevated Push-ups
3) Single Leg Lunge (left)
4) Single Leg Lunge (right)
5) Tricep Dips
6) Climber
7) Knee Tucks
8) Flutter Kicks

Duration: 8 minutes.
Estimated Calories Burned: 55 - 65Cals.
Structure: 8 intervals. 45 secs Workout, 15 secs Rest. Repeat 2 sets.



SATURDAY (30-Minute Beginner HIIT Yoga for Slimmer Legs)

1) Mindful Warmup
2) Sun Salutations (5 reps)
3) HIIT High Lunge (10 reps)
4) HIIT Chair Squats (10 reps)
5) HIIT Goddess Squat (10 reps)
6) HIIT Hip Bridge (10 reps)
7) Deep Stretches
Total Workout Time: 31 minutes (2 sets)
Estimated Calories Burned: 230 - 270Cals


SUNDAY (4-Week Toning Butt & Abs Challenge)

1) Jump Squat with Pulses
2) Reverse Lunge & Hop
3) Frogger
4) All 4 Floating Kicks
5) Leg Bridge

Sequence: 10 intervals (45secs Workout - 15secs Rest)
Total Time: 11 minutes (2 sets)
1 minute rest in between sets
Best Results: Do this workout 3 - 4 times weekly on alternate day.


Ramadan should not be an excuse for you to stop exercising. In fact, you should continue your regular exercises and keep them between 30 – 45 minutes with slightly lower intensity. The best time to workout is after the evening prayer before dinner or before suhoor.

Let this month of Ramadan be the start to a healthier you by creating positive habits. Lots of Love & Happy Ramadan!

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