8-Week Home Workout Plan to Lose Weight & Tone Up

By Joanna 01/02/2021 In
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Hi everyone, how has the start of this year been? I understand that for most of us, it’s still a challenging year and most countries are still implementing the “stay at home” orders. There’s a lot of uncertainties and to be honest, we don’t know how long it would go on for.

But one thing we can take control of and look after is our health. To support and motivate each and everyone of us, I’ve put together an 8-Week Home Workout Plan for you to stay fit and active from home. Click on the link below to download and print the workout plan. I’ve also created a playlist with all the workouts. Click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyP8pbBMxcsiv6cdyef7LpL0TqUQ0XZzI

This program has a combination of HIIT workouts and Strength Training to boost your metabolismburn lots of calories, lose weight and sculpt lean muscle mass effectively. All you need is only 30 minutes a day to get the workouts done! And the best part is, you can get the workouts done anywhere with minimal equipment.

All my workouts are filmed in real time with no voiced over instructions! I’ll be doing the workout with you, guiding you and pushing you through the entire class making sure you are doing the exercises correctly. There will be a huge variety of classes to keep you excited from kickboxing, to barre, booty band, bootcamp, HIIT, strength training and even fitness challenges. You’ll sweat, you’ll be challenged, you’ll get stronger and we’ll be having lots of fun together! If at all you feel that the exercises are too tough, then feel free to choose the easier version, and slowly progress through the weeks.

So let’s get active and achieve your fitness goal this year! Do remember to take pictures or videos, share it on your IG or FB and tag me @joannasohofficial #jsoh8weekhomeworkout

I’d also encourage you to take a before and after picture of yourself. Take a picture at the start of the program and every 2 weeks to track your progress. This way you would know how far you’ve come and celebrate your success. I would love for you to also share your 8-week progress with me.

Don’t forget to also SHARE this workout plan with your friends and get them to join you too! CLICK on the link below to download the workout plan and let’s get started! All the best!

*p/s Intense Cardio & Core Kickboxing Partner Workout will be shared on my YouTube channel next Monday, 8th February. Stay tuned!


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