28-Day Ramadan Exercise Plan

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Hi everyone, the month of Ramadan is fast approaching and this is the perfect time to make significant changes to your lifestyle. I want you to have a fit & healthy Ramadan. So I’ve created a 28-DAY EXERCISE PLAN to guide you through.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is a perfect time to reset your mind and body, to really start understanding your relationship with your body and to appreciate the food you’ve been blessed with.

You can also start to slowly adjust your workout routine and also workout time to how you plan to workout during the month of Ramadan. So let this month be the month where you focus on your wellbeing not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well.

Follow the workout plan. Print them out. Share your daily progress with me Tag me @JoannaSohOfficial and #FitterFasting.

If you do not know where to start with, you can click on the video link below and watch my previous video on "How to Workout during Ramadan" to learn about:

  • the best time to workout
  • workout duration & intensity
  • types of workout to do

Here are the list of exercises and videos to follow for one week. Repeat these workouts for the next 4 weeks to maintain your muscles and lose weight. 

Workout duration 30 – 40 minutes including warm up and cool down.

Perform Warm Up and Cool down before and after your workout.



30 seconds each exercise

1) Jog on the spot 

2) Jumping Jacks

3) High Knees

4) Butt kicks

5) Cross Kicks

6) Squats

7) Lunge with Overhead Reach

8) Groiners

9) Inchworm – 1 minute




30 seconds each exercise

1) Child’s pose

2) Cobra

3) Downward Dog

4) Hip Flexor Stretch

5) Glutes Stretch

6) Side Stretch

7) Side Hamstring Stretch 

8) Shoulder Stretch

9) Overhead Tricep Stretch



How to Lose Flabby Arms – Kickboxing


1) Wide to Narrow Push-up 

Active Rest: Straight Punches 

2) Spiderman Push-up 

Active Rest: Hook Punches 

3) Tricep Dips 

Active Rest: Cross High Punches 

4) Plank Up-Down 

Active Rest: Arm Circles 

Sequence: 8 Intervals (45secs each interval)

Total Time: 15 minutes (2 sets) 1 minute rest in between sets 

Best Results: Do this workout 2 - 3 times weekly on alternate days. Combine this with total body workouts!


4-Week Killer AB Challenge


45secs Workout - 15secs Rest 

1) Squat with Shoulder Press 

2) Static Lunge with Torso Twist 

3) Alternate Woodchop 

10 reps each 

1) Walking Plank with Spider-Man 

2) Single Leg Mountain Climber 

3) Alternate Leg Crunch



Inner & Outer Thighs Kickboxing Blaster


1) Curtsy Lunge 

2) Side Kicks 

3) In-Out Wide Squat Twist

4) Knee Strikes 

5) Side Plank Crunch 

6) Inner Thigh Lift 

7) Wide Scissors 

8) Kneel to Squat 

Interval: 30secs workout with 15 secs rest - 8 Intervals - 2 Rounds 

Goal: Beginners x2 rounds Intermediate x4 rounds


5-Minute PLANK Challenge


1) Plank Hold 

2) Plank Rock 

3) Plank Hip Dip 

4) Plank Leg Tap 

5) Plank Hand Tap 

6) Sprinter Plank 

7) Plank Jacks 

8) Plank Up-Down 

9) Spiderman Plank 

10) Cross Plank

Total Duration: 5 minutes 

Sequence: 30 seconds each exercise, without any break.



Advance Strength Training at Home / Total Body Strength Training Without Weights for Women


1) Squat with Single Arm Shoulder Press 

2) Bent Over Row to Deadlift 

3) Lunge & Twist 

4) Plank Row Push-up 

5) T-Raises 

6) Full Crunch with Leg Raise 

Repetitions: 10 - 12 

Sequence: Repeat 2 sets. 

Total Workout Time: 20 mins 


1) Prisoner Squats

2) Wide to Narrow Pushups 

3) Forward to Back Lunge (right) 

4) Forward to Back Lunge (left)

5) Tip Toe Sumo Squats 

6) Superman to Plank 

7) Cross Plank 

8) Knee Tucks 

Total Time: 20 - 25 minutes 

Sequence: 4 Circuits 


Set 1 - 20reps 

Set 2 - 15reps 

Set 3 - 10reps 

Set 4 - 5reps


10,000 SQUAT Challenge in 30 Days


1) Basic Squat x50 

2) Squat Pulses x30 

3) Squat Jump x15 

4) Pile Squat x30 

5) Pile Squat Pulses x30 

6) Narrow to Wide Squat Jump x15 

7) Narrow Squat x30 

8) Narrow Squat Pulses x 30 

9) Low Squat Jump x30 

10) Squat with Side Leg Raise x30 

11) 180 Degree Rotational Squat x15 

12) Squat hold – 30 secs



Total Body HIIT Yoga to Lose Weight & Tone Up

Exercise Sequence: 

- Mindful Warmup 

- Sun Salutations (5 reps) 

- HIIT Mountain Climbers 

- HIIT Lunges With a Kick 

- HIIT Squat Jumps 

- HIIT Leg Raises 

- Deep Stretches 

- Child's pose 

Total Workout Time: 27 minutes 

Best Results: Do this sequence 3 - 4 times weekly for a deep stretch and to burn fat.


1000 Cardio & Core BURN Challenge


1) Jumping Jacks 

2) Squats 

3) Skaters

4) Push-ups 

5) Mountain Climbers 

6) Plank Jacks 

7) Hip Thrust 

8) Crunches 

9) Flutter Kicks 

10) In & Out Squats

Repetitions: 25

Sequence: 1st week x1 set 

                2nd week x2 sets 

                3rd week x3 sets 

               4th week x4 sets


Ramadan should not be an excuse for you to stop exercising. In fact, you should continue your regular exercises and keep them between 30 – 45 minutes with slightly lower intensity. The best time to workout is after the evening prayer before dinner or before suhoor.

Let this month of Ramadan be the start to a healthier you by creating positive habits. Lots of Love & Happy Ramadan!

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