This picture was taken exactly a year ago. At that time, I'd say I was at a rather comfortable stage in my life. I've worked hard to turn my passion into a career and was able to travel to almost anywhere I wanted, whenever I wanted and just work from there. I wasn't accountable to anybody except myself.

I could have just continued down that path and be contented. But the journey of doing the same thing for years started to feel like a "routine". I felt stuck, uninspired and deep down, I wasn't happy. My biggest fear in life is when I stop learning and growing, and I knew that was happening.

It's interesting how life is, when you have no achievements, you're bold and brave to try whatever it is your heart desires, because you have NOTHING to lose.

When you have some "success" in life, you're somewhat more resistance to change, you're more fearful because you're afraid to lose the things you've worked so hard for.

I had to remind myself not to be afraid to fall, to try new things, to set new goals, to believe big, and embrace the uncertainty in order to reinvent myself again.

Instead of asking "what can I do for others", I started asking myself "what can I do WITH others". Hence, I started HER Network because I truly believe that when we connect with like-minded people, together we can SIGNIFICANTLY reach so many more people and inspire them in a positive manner. We are STRONGER together.

Starting HER Network has taught me the law of trade-offs:
- to trade security for significance
- to trade instant gratification for personal growth
- to trade the "fast" life for a meaningful life

Change has never been easy. Most of you have been very supportive and love the new content. But of course, there'll also be resistance. The truth it, I do not know where this journey is going to take us, but one thing I know is, I'm fully committed to giving my very best in everything I've set out for.

The only security we have is our individual commitment to personal growth. So this year, I've made that my focus.

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