What the "lockdown" has taught me

By Joanna 01/04/2020 In

LOCKDOWN! This period of self-isolation must have brought about different experiences for each of us and things that we’ve learned whether it’s about ourselves or the people closest to us.. How have you been dealing with it?

Personally, I’ve enjoyed being home a lot more. I find myself being a lot more productive! Here’s how I been dealing it:

  • I still set myself a time to get up every day at 7am. Nope, no lying in and just laze around. And I still go to bed latest by midnight.
  • Put on my audiobook first thing in the morning!
  • I set myself a work routine and start at 8am. Saves the hassle of getting ready and beating the traffic because you get to work in your pyjamas.
  • Never miss my home workout at 5pm. I’ve really been enjoying them cause I get to do longer sessions too.
  • Been cooking a lot more. Revisited some of my favourite dishes which I haven’t made for a long time and also trying new stuff!
  • Been watching Netflix at night too.. The last time I actually watched a series was probably 10 years ago.
  • Any downtime will be watching your IG stories in doing home workouts and also replying to them..And of course jumping around the house, going crazy once in a while cause I’ve too much energy.

I find myself to be less stressful and a lot more productive in doing the same things prior to the lockdown. What about you? How has it been? What’s your routine like?


- Joanna -

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