Trust your vibe

By Joanna 14/02/2018 In

Trust your vibe. Energy doesn’t lie.  It’s been a “trying” week and I’m choosing to listen to my gut instinct.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes I tell myself maybe I should be more daring and take the bold steps. Sometimes I feel like I’m letting people down. But deep in my core, it just doesn’t feel right and I’m not at peace with myself.

Your body is a strong intuitive communicator. If your gut is telling you to go for it and do it, you should feel at peace, inspired, confident and the same opportunity might keep coming knocking at your door. 

If however something feels off, your thoughts might be pulled into different directions, there’s a conflict within you, you feel uneasy, you struggle to breathe deeply and you might even feel physically ill. 

Do you trust your gut instinct?

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