Travel with Parents

By Joanna 16/09/2018 In

Some of you asked, why do you always travel with your parents? Why not travel with your friends? Well I do but taking my parents to see the world has been one of the things I promised myself I’ll do.

My parents never had the opportunity to travel much during their younger days. When my brother and I were growing up, my mum wanted us to be exposed to different cultures and see different parts of the world, because she didn’t want us to be limited just within our small little town. 

They would save up just to get us out there. I remember my first solo travel was to Hokkaido, Japan under the student exchange programme, at age 15. Since then, I just wanted to see and experience more. 

And now, I want them to travel as much too. Hence, I got to make sure they are healthy, active and can keep up with me. 

What about you? Do you travel with your family often? 

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