The Simple Life

By Joanna 26/07/2016 In

The simple life. This trip has really widen my perspective on how little the people here has, yet they're extremely grateful, genuinely happy and very welcoming.

I'm not going to lie, it was tough adapting to not having access to clean running water, proper toilet, having to take a bath in the cold river, barely having any access to electricity and of course no internet!

For this family, cooking dinner isn't just as simple as driving to the supermarket and loading the car with food. Before they were blessed with a motorcycle, they used to walk for 3 hours (about 10km) to the nearest market (which wasn't big at all!) to buy their groceries and walk back another 3 hours carrying the food items on their head.

It made me appreciate the basic necessities I take for granted. Be grateful for the simple things that we tend to take for granted.

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