The Road Not Taken

By Joanna 28/11/2018 In

Two roads diverged in a wood..
And sorry I could not travel both..
And be one traveler long I stood..
And looked down one as far as I could..
To where it bent in the undergrowth.. 

Two roads diverged in a wood..
And I.. I took the one less travelled by..
And that has made all the difference.. 

This was and still is my favourite poem.. I’ve never been one who followed the crowd and did what feel secured. Every major decision I’ve made in my life has been filled with uncertainty and not knowing where it’ll lead me. 

One thing that has never failed me is my faith and my gut instinct. If it feels right deep within my core, I know that the universe has its way of leading me and showing me the path and it will eventually work out.

How quick? What am I rushing for? How tough? Well there’ll certainly be lots of learning and adapting.. Who will be part of my journey? Heck, it’s going to be one interesting ride! As long as I trust and stay committed, it’s gonna be worthwhile!

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