The power of sleep

By Joanna 08/01/2019 In

They use to call me “Cinderella”. Not because I had a Prince Charming who would run after me with my glass heels *secretly wishing* but because I would always want to go back home before the clock strikes midnight and go to bed.

Definitely a party pooper. Well I’m making SLEEP one of my priorities this year. I’ve been sleeping like a baby the past week, hence having enough energy to focus better, being more productive and getting more done in a shorter time frame.

Don’t underestimate the importance of SLEEP. Your muscles grow and recovery when you sleep. Your brain develops when you sleep. Your stress levels drop when you sleep. You reduce mindless snacking and craving when you get enough sleep. You maintain a healthy weight when you sleep well. 

Sleeping solves a lot of issues in life. So before the clock strikes midnight, be like Cinderella, run back home, run to bed and snore away in dreamland.

Goodnight and sleep tight!

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