There used to be a time when I would scroll through my feed and most of the time, I see pictures of how "perfect" everybody looks.

Wow, look at that to-die-for bikini body & abs, the glamorous life, even the way she pours her tea looks so pretty. It's just more selfies after selfies. Those "perfectly" captured moments were intended to make you FEEL a certain way. Inspired? Envious? Wish that was your life? Hate your body?

I'm very active in the online space. In fact, that's how I built my brand and my business 3 years ago. It's incredible to see how fast the online space has grown and nowadays, everybody can be somewhat a "social media influencer" in his or her own right. There are just too many "influencers" to even keep track of. And let's not even start with the number game!

Most of the time, we would share pictures & moments on how we want others (a.k.a. our followers online) to perceive our world. Let me tell you this, they are NOT the full reflection of our true world. Those pictures were framed, edited and probably selected out of a bunch of 20 or more before they were posted.

Some of my friends have asked me, why do I follow so few people? The truth is, I don't need to feed on everybody's energy. Like it or not, every day, we’re subtly influenced, either in a positive or negative manner by the posts, pictures and people we follow online!

Nowadays, whenever I post a picture up, I try to ask myself, what value am I trying to share? How is this picture adding to someone else's life in a positive way? As best as I can, I want to keep it as truthful as possible.

Who do you follow on social media? How are they or their posts adding value to your life? What does it do to your self-image? Let me know in the comments below.

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