Shape Magazine April Cover

By Joanna 27/03/2017 In


Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for recognising my work and contributions to the fitness industry. When I first started sharing fitness content online, people around me thought that I was just "having fun" and didn't take me seriously. In fact, I was on a call yesterday and the person I was speaking to asked me "don't you have a professional job?".

Being on the cover is a huge step forward for the public to recognise what we "content creators" do. Whatever your passion is, you CAN share it with the world and add value to others, whether it's through the online platform or in person. You CAN make it your career.

So if you're a content creator and well, people just "poo-poo" what you do, just remember your audience, how you're part of their lives (although you may have never met them) and when they watch you, it makes them SMILE.

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