By Joanna 27/10/2018 In

Kuala Lumpur! Happy to call this place my city and my HOME. HOME is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong and laughter fills you. Home is where your story begins and never ends.. 

It’s not something I often speak about, but I’ve always struggled to find a place I can call “home”. I’ve always felt unsettled, and I never know where I’ll be or want to be in the future. 

The truth is these feelings may never go away.. A close friend recently told me that I need to learn to plan less and have more randomness in my life. Those are where the magical moments and memories are created. 

As I learn to be more present, appreciate what I have around me; the people and beauty I have in my life, little by little I feel like I “belong”. 

Well HOME is where I am NOW and the people I have in my life right at this moment. It might not be the same tomorrow, next month or next year, but who cares. It’s not about planning and predicting where, who or what I’m going to do till then. It’s about fully embracing and growing through every moment. 

Home is not where you’re from, it’s when you belong. Where and who is “home” to you?

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