Your life is a reflection of what you ALLOW yourself to see. What do you see?

I was looking back at my pictures and reflecting on the year. It reminds me to focus on the beautiful things, and find inspiration on days when I'm feeling down and uncertain. 

I'm grateful for 2017. I've witnessed more sunsets in a year than I've ever had. Travelled to a different place every month. Met strangers who became dear friends. Hiked the Great Wall and Mount Kinabalu. Ran my first international marathon. Hosted a Meet & Greet with my followers. Achieved the 1 million mark. Appeared on my first magazine cover. Being recognized and won an award for what I've built up over the years. Created HER Network and blessed with a team to assist me with my videos. 

I'm not here to share about my "achievements" because the truth is, I always feel like I've never truly achieved anything or that I could do better, push further, and never settle for less. My close friends always say, "Jo, don't be so hard on yourself. Sometimes you just got to let it flow." It's a concept I'm still trying to apply in my life.

Somedays, I feel extremely excited and some days I feel very low. I struggle to sleep, I wake up feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I lose my drive over the things I love. I ask myself, why do you feel this way? You have so much going on for you. Why can't you just be excited? Yet at the same time, I have to appear to be in control, to lead my team and appear positive.. l have to psyche myself up when deep down, I feel extremely drained..

But then I tell myself, "always remember why you started and never stop". He knows your future and purpose, and he's looking after you. 

I know I don't usually share what I feel especially when it's not very uplifting. But I'm not strong or positive every single day. Can you relate to this?

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