My 4-Year YouTube Anniversary

By Joanna 28/02/2017 In

Happy anniversary to me. This time 4 years ago, I took the courage to share my first video on YouTube. Gosh, who has seen my first ever video? What's the title? You'll get brownie points for guessing right, haha!

I was super nervous while filming. I was totally out of breath performing the exercises and I had to "pretend" that the camera was basically you guys watching me and doing the workout together with me, LOL!

Looking back, I realised just how much I've grown - I'm a lot more confident and out spoken today. I'm always still learning and looking for ways to improve myself and what I do.

It's incredible how the online platform has connected me to each and every one of you, the opportunities that have come my way, I've made new friends all over the world and together we're building a strong fitness community. #jsohactive

I'm truly humbled to be part of your fitness journey. Love you guys to bits!! What's your favourite video from my channel? Do comment below.


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