“Looking” the Part?

By Joanna 16/03/2017 In

"So what do you do?" "Oh, I create health, & fitness videos online" Immediately I'll always noticed the "eye scan" from top to bottom, LOL

It's funny how when you say that you're into fitness, people tend to assume that you SHOULD look a certain way, you should “look the part". Hands up if you agree. What IS looking the "part" anyway? 6 packs? Flat abs? Toned arms? Perky butts? Perhaps it's due to all the "fit" pictures we're bombarded with daily on our social media pages.

Being FIT isn't about looking the part, it's about PLAYING the part - staying active, eating well and being confident in your own skin. So what if you don't have that super toned body 24/7? Because guess what, we're all different and have different goals and priorities in life. Not all of us can slave away daily in the gym for many hours or follow a restricted meal plan. 

If you're know that you're looking after your well being, eating well and you're achieving the right balance for YOU, then you are FIT both mentally and physically. What does being FIT means to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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