Just Be Yourself

By Joanna 11/09/2018 In

“Just be yourself! Ignore what others say.” I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that to you before. 

We often tell others to be themselves, but we often judge them when they do so. Sometimes we might not even be aware of it and it might not even be intentional. Have you experienced that? Or do you know someone? 

Perhaps their values and goals in life aren’t in line with yours. Perhaps they are from a different upbringing compared to you. Or perhaps their lifestyle or social status aren’t as “up” compared to you. 

No one likes the feeling of being judged, that includes you and I. Sometimes, we need to be more conscious of our words, our actions and just back off and not impose our “limited” mindset onto others, just because they aren’t living their life according to your “ideal” world. 

We all have our own story and we’re all on our own journey. Why not support each other and give each other the space to learn and grow? Wouldn’t you want that too? 

I try to always remind myself to listen to people, hear them, understand where they’re from and see their values and heart. 

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