What Makes you "LIKE" a picture?

By Joanna 12/12/2017 In

Is this picture worth your “LIKE”? What makes you like a picture? Is it the beauty of the subject in it? The way it’s composed? The aspiration behind it? The story behind the picture? Or perhaps you simply like the person. 

What makes you “follow” someone on social media? Is it because they’re your family & friends? Or do you just want to be in the loop of someone else’s life? Perhaps you admire that person’s life? Do you wish to live like him/her? Or perhaps you follow someone because you’re inspired by them? 

Most of us spend many hours scrolling through our Instagram and Facebook accounts daily. 
Hence WHO you choose to follow will subconsciously influence the way you perceive things and even YOURSELF. It can either make you feel crappy, unworthy and filled with jealousy or it can lift your spirit, drive you to achieve your goals and make you ponder.

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