Invest in your dreams

By Joanna 01/08/2018 In

Invest in your DREAMS. Grind Now and Shine Bright! You do it for YOU, and no one else. 

You can either choose to wake up and complain about your current state of life and how nothing is working OR you can choose to shut up and take action towards your goal. 

Train hard, work harder than others, don’t expect the typical 9-5 job, get ahead, don’t expect people to acknowledge it, because no one cares. Stop looking for short cuts, because the truth is your journey might take 1 year, 5 years or even longer. Make sacrifices, make no excuses and never feel sorry for yourself! 
It can be lonely on some days, scary and exciting on another, but I freaking love what I do - creating content, being part of your life & fitness journey and I’m beyond thankful. I wake up every day and I ask myself, how can I do better today. What about you? What are your dreams? How are you making it happen? 

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