Hustle for your goals

By Joanna 11/06/2018 In

HUSTLE and get S*** done! That’s what we’re constantly told to do in order to be successful. Go faster, do more!

Trust me, I’m a hustler. I feel like I have to do everything, be on top of everything, I impose expectations on myself - create, film, write, engage, events, meetings, talks blah blah blah and it never stops. And yet, I feel like I’m not doing enough. Sometimes, that constant hustle makes me feel like I’m going in circles and I do get stuck, burned out and don’t feel fulfilled.

Do we really have to constantly hustle? Does it have to be so difficult? Well, not always..

I started to learn to take a step back, to occasionally break from that routine and have more meaningful conversations with people. And I realise that when you’re not constantly forcing yourself to come up with ideas, to produce or “be creative”, I’m in a better space mentally, I have better focus and clarity and that’s when I’m able to produce better work EFFORTLESSLY. And it’s way more fun! 

Yes I do believe in hustling for your goals, but it’s finding that balance and sometimes you got to trust, take a step back and give the universe a chance to work its magic.. 

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