Happy 6th Anniversary

By Joanna 28/02/2019 In

Happy anniversary to me. 6 years ago I made a conscious decision of wanting to be in control and in charge of my own path and future.

I didn’t want to let chance or just waiting and hoping for opportunities to come my way or having to rely on the decision of others in dictating what my future would be. And that’s exactly where I was 6 years ago.

I wasn’t happy in my work environment and I remember coming home every day complaining to my boyfriend at that time. Yes, he may listen initially and offer the support but after months, I knew that not only was I draining the energy of those around me, but I was also draining my own energy. I wasn’t fit mentally, emotionally or even physically.

When you complain, you make yourself a victim. You have the choice to LEAVE that situation, CHANGE the situation, or else accept it, shut up and stop complaining.

At that point, I could have continued living my life the way it was because it was “safe” and “secure”, or I could decide to make a drastic change, to leave everything I knew and start from ground zero. And that was exactly what I did, not knowing where it’d lead me to...

Fast forward to today. I’m still filming, and sharing fitness content online. Having the opportunities to connect with so many incredible people as well as working with brands who fully support and believe in me, makes me want to better myself every day.
So tell me, which video led you here chatting with me today? What videos do you love to workout to? Love you’ll!!! 

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