Get UP, Dress Up and Show Up

By Joanna 17/05/2017 In

80% of success comes by showing up! If you have a goal, the first step is to show up, NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL.
There are days when I might be overwhelmed by everything and I don't "feel" like facing anything - don't feel like filming, don't feel like working out, don't feel like being around people and I just want to hide away. We all have these moments in life. It's important to acknowledge those feelings and accept them, but that doesn't mean you should allow your feelings to rule you!

You're in charged of your feelings, and how you control it, will determine the outcome.
Are you going to indulge in self-pity and keep moaning about how you feel and do nothing about it? Or are you going to make the effort to SHOW UP despite "not feeling like it"?

When you practice the attitude of showing up, you'll - start to develop discipline
- be one step closer to your goal
- be ahead of your game
- change for the better

It can be tough but let's start to #ShowUp and mean it! Are you with me?

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