By Joanna 02/01/2019 In

For the past years, many of you have been asking why haven’t I created a fitness app? It’s not that I’ve not been thinking about it, in fact it has been my goal for the past years since I hit 1mil subs. 

But I used to feel that the timing wasn’t right, or I don’t have the right support around me or the right team, the right studio space and of course self doubt and asking myself “what if”... 

The truth is, when you’ve built some sort of “success”, it can sometimes stop you from doing more because if it doesn’t go well, you have EVERYTHING to lose. When I started my YouTube channel, I had nothing, hence even if it didn’t work out, I had NOTHING to lose. 

I had to put myself back in that mindset to create Fio. Why invest your time and money to do this? Why go through this challenging road when you have the choice not to? I constantly remind myself of why I even got started to begin with, “If one video can change just one life to live healthier and happier, heck I’ll continue to share my videos.” And I know I need to progress and do more for all of you.. 

When I was overthinking about how Fio will be “different” compared to thousands of fitness app out there, guess what? It’s simple how I’ve been filming my videos - GENUINE, NO NONSENSE & RAW! My coaches and I will be working out “live” with you just like a class, we feel your burn while motivating you. No voiced over or looping the video or funky editing! We’ll sweat and see results together!

And of course, you know that I emphasise on CONSISTENCY! Hence, we want you to move daily and be part of the 1-minute #fiodailychallenge plus reward you for your effort. 

This is just the beginning of Fio, we’ll be creating a lot more fitness, nutrition, recipes and even mindset-type content to guide you through your journey. I want to thank you for supporting me since I started and for believing on this new and exciting journey to become..


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