Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

My mind has been a little cloudy and all over the place the past week. I struggled to focus and I wasn't really "present". You know those moments of uncertainty, self doubt and just not knowing where you're heading or how to get there? Yeah, I have those moments too. I was questioning my decisions and was wondering how I can do better.

I went for a hike this evening. It was my first time on this hill and I wasn't prepared to be holding on to and climbing up steep rocks, literally. Plus it was raining and it was getting dark! I was expecting the route to be a nice path for me to slowly walk and enjoy the view.

To be honest, I was freaking out for most part because of my fear of height. I was afraid that I would slip off the slope and even texted my mum just in case.

During the hike, I was fully present and focused. I told myself, just take one step at a time, don't look back, trust in your abilities and know that you'll eventually reach the top. It's scary and seemed impossible when I first started because I didn't know where I was heading. But I knew once I've started, I can't turn back, I had to finish it.

Looking back, this hike was a reminder to myself to trust and take one step at a time even if I can't see the bigger picture now.. Just one step at a time..

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