Are you a heart or a head person?

By Joanna 26/09/2018 In

“Why do you care for me? Why are you being nice to me? Why do you….” Do you tend to catch yourself always thinking and trying to make sense of EVERYTHING? I’ll be the first to admit that I think a lot and always try to explain the way I feel about something or someone. 

Do we always have to make sense of the way we feel about certain things or people? Or can we just give, care and love WITHOUT a reason? Recently someone told me that you don’t need a reason to love someone. When you really love someone, you just do.. 

We like to think too much, dwell too much and reside too much in the thought of “why and how come” instead of just allowing it to happen. We question too much of all these stuff that makes the simple feeling of happiness all confusing and I’m guilty of that too.

Perhaps it’s that feeling of not being in control of the way we feel, because we want to guard our heart and this scares us. Hence, our mind starts to want to make sense of everything in order to protect our fragile heart. 

What if we learned to open up? Perhaps this can lead us to living a life full of unpredictable excitement in our journey be more fulfilled. What if.... Are you a heart or a head person? Let me know!

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