Be the giver of love

By Joanna 30/05/2017 In

"I aspire to be a giver. A giver of love, and giver of good vibes and a giver of strength."

Over the weekends, I got out of my "city comfort" & visited a small village in Miri, Malaysia with students from Curtin Malaysia.

Despite being only a couple of kilometers away from their university, the village did not have proper electricity supply and had to rely on generator to power up their homes. On few occasions, some of the houses got burned down, due to the generator overheating.

The families do not have electricity in the morning to get their children ready for school, nor do they have electricity in the evening to cook their meals. Most of the time, they light up candles to save money. The cost to run the generator can be as high as RM300 ($70) a month, which is way more than the average electricity bill in Malaysia, which is between RM100-RM150 ($25 - $30).

17 of the students decided to raise fund and help out the families by building solar panels and installing them into 22 houses. What really got me was the fact that they learned to build the solar panels by watching YouTube videos.

So they were there under extreme heat (35Celsius), climbing and drilling holes through the roof to fix the solar panels directly above the kitchen, as that's where the family spend most of their time getting ready and cooking meals together.

These students are making a difference in their society and changing lives. What are you doing for others?

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