Be Considerate

By Joanna 22/01/2019 In

Do you know of someone who tends to have issues or disapprove of someone else’s life, especially when the other person has done no wrong to them? It’s crazy to think how we can not like someone or judge them even though they have done absolutely nothing wrong to you.

The fact is, we can only be triggered by something we have experienced ourselves. The traits, upbringing or past we dislike in others are usually the traits, upbringing or past we do not like about ourselves or perhaps we feel ashamed of.

When certain elements trigger a negative reaction from you, there is something within you that is coming up because it needs to be healed. Perhaps, it represents issues from your past that have gone unresolved.

Instead of reacting without a basis, when you find yourself triggered by a person or situation, ask yourself, “What is this person teaching me that I need to learn to become more whole?”. What’s within me that I have issues with?”

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