2018 - Make Everyday Count

By Joanna 01/01/2018 In

1/1/2018 Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. You’ve got a new story to write. Start something exciting and believe in the magic of beginnings..

Have you reflected on 2017? What were the highlights, growth and learning curve last year? Let’s remember the celebrations we had, the good times, the fears, the doubts but hold on to none of that. 

Write a list for yourself this year. It doesn’t have to be a long or complicated list. Ask yourself, what do you want? What matters to you? What gets you excited? Don’t overthink it and just write, because whatever that comes to your mind and heart, the people and things, they are the one that’ll shape your life. 

You can focus on one bigger goal for the year and then break it down into sections and make goals for your family, career, health, wealth and calling.. Think about a new positive habit to develop, a habit you’ve been wanting to break, a new skill to master, books to read, and somewhere new to travel to..

I do this every year and would exchange my list with a close friend. Putting your goals and vision down on paper will help you to better focus and manifest what you want in your life. What’s on your list?

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