10 year Challenge

By Joanna 17/01/2019 In

#10yearchallenge 19 vs 29 - Still a monolid girl, almost the same hairstyle and even the same earring look. Don’t think I’ll ever change. 

I got into fitness when I was 19. I started going to the gym then, absolutely clueless on what I was doing but I wanted to learn more and eventually got myself certified as a personal trainer.

I never imagined what that decision would turn into 10 years later. That girl on the left used to be extremely insecure of her deep voice, small eyes, and tanned skin. I used to not like how I sounded and look on videos, even when I first started. The woman on the right, well she’s grounded, more certain of herself, fearless and still learning to be more carefree.

Extremely blessed and grateful for the people, moments and things I have in my life. Don’t take anything for granted! 

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