Strong is Forever Sexy!

By Joanna 04/08/2020 In

Strong is forever sexy! Lifting makes me happy and WHY you should lift too:

  • Wanna loss weight? Then lift weights! Strength training increases lean muscle mass, which in return increases metabolism, making your body more efficient in burning fat!
  • You will be stronger both physically and mentally - whether it’s lifting up your children, carrying the grocery bags or just being more focused and determined in your everyday tasks.
  • It will shape your curves and make you more athletic! You’re going to get that toned and sculpted look.
  • It’s gonna empower and boost your confidence! Being able to push your limits and getting stronger every day really does improve your body image and self-esteem.
  • Resistance training increases bone density, giving you stronger bones and decreases the chance of osteoporosis later on in life.

What other excuses not to lift weights? And ladies, NO it will NOT make you look bulky!


- Joanna -

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